Akumal, protected area, wide beach of white sand, Caribbean style. Perfect place for doing snorkel with the turtles less than 2 meters deep.

Thanks to the big amount of sea weed so close to the shore, we can watch lots of turtles just swimming from the beach. But not only turtles, also fishes, reefs and big chances of seen sting rays playing at the bottom.

Activity for everybody, adults and for the little ones.


One of the most popular cenotes of the peninsula.

As its name says “dos ojos” (two eyes), it has two cenotes connected by a big underground tunnel.

On the tour by the crystalline waters, you could watch the amazing formations of the cavern, massive stalactites, stalagmites, even columns and light effects, entrances of light and also we will go inside the Bat Cave, a huge dome where a big family of bats live.

A journey to another world exiting from the center of the jungle.


Chikin Ha Park, is the home of 3 cenotes: Chikin Ha, Ta’ak Bil-Ha and X’tabay.

X’tabay: Open cenote, perfect for snorkel and relaxing in its water. Great variety of flora and fauna, turtles, fishes, ceibas…

Chikin Ha: You will be impressed by the formations in the cavern.

Ta’ak Bil-Ha: Dry cave collapsed /cenote, ceremonial place where it takes place a Mayan purification ritual. Surrounded by trees whose roots break the stones to drink from the cenote.