The whale shark, the friendly shark, the biggest fish in the world, reaching some adults 12 meters long.

It developed around 60 million years ago, being this giant one of the oldest specie on the Earth.


Every year, between June and September, the whale sharks migrate to the Contoy Island for eating the plancton in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

It’s a unique experience, magic. This harmless giants allows us to swim around them in such an incredible spectacle.

In the area of the Caribbean, we are very lucky to have one of the biggest concentrations of whale sharks of the world, finding in high season around 400 of them.  



How is going to be the tour?

We are going to pick you up where you stay, early in the morning, to go to Punta Sam (Cancún), where breakfast is waiting for you (coffee, tea, sweet bread and fruit).

When everything is ready, we get into the speed boats (max 12 pax) and we departure looking for the whale sharks. When we found them, the snorkelers go into the water in turns of 2 people always with the guide.

For having the perfect experience, once we are done with the whale sharks, we head back to Punta Sam, but we make a stop in Isla Mujeres, where we can enjoy the beach and have a typical lunch: ceviche (seafood and/or fish coctel. At the boat you can always find water and sodas.